Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wedding Craft War (1st battle)

Those of you who don't know, my precious little sister-cousin is getting married! Needless to say, it is wedding warrior time. My other precious cousin, April, crafty ninja extraordinaire, and myself are getting to work on all the little projects for the BIG DAY. Here is one ADORABLE craft that the bridesmaids and flower girls will be wearing in their hair. She (Kara, the Bride) is going for a very "Anthro" wedding and I found this on the internet and immediately thought: 
          "WE could make that." 
                                   (picture from the internet) 
SO, HERE WE ARE.. ALL TOGETHER... CRAFTING TILL WE DROP. Here is a step by step guide of how I made it and the finished product. 

FIRST: We are using Peonies for the flower. (Silk)

Then cut the flower off the stem so it will lay flat. (wire cutters)
Take a 2" in diameter piece of felt and glue it to the back to keep the flower intact. 
Now that the flower is flat and the felt is glued, take wire and measure for the head. Then take the wire and glue it in between the first piece of felt and a second piece of the same size. 

After it dries, measure again and then cover the ends where the wire meets with floral/flower tape. (IDK what it is called.) And you're finished! 

Here is how it looks on: 

That's my hot mom.
Here are the ones for the bridesmaids and flower girls 


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