Sunday, September 5, 2010

Smells like Chorale Retreat!

It's that time of year again. Chorale Retreat time.

I had the privilege of riding out to the luxurious Lariet Creek Camp with Madison Callaway. We had two iPhones, with GPS, a map (courtesy of Dr. Adams) and we only got lost twice!
What happened was:

I get a call from Madame President (Hayley Neff) who was already at Lariet Creek Camp with the band. Apparently Kyle, (freshman kid in band) forgot spare batteries for his special insulin thing. So Madison and I had to stop at the "Cherokee Buffalo Trading Post." And that's exactly how it smelled too. So, I run inside the creepy gas station and buy the batteries. Get back in the car and we are halfway down the WRONG rode when Madison looked at the batteries and said:

Weren't you supposed to get AAA.

ME: Yeah, that's what I got.

Those are AA.

ME: @#&*^%$*(()&^%#@#$

It's okay, we have to turn around anyway, just grab my credit card and run in again.

ME: Your card isn't in here.

Madison said nothing.

After RUSHING back to buffalo poopville, we got the AAA batteries and remembered to carry the credit card back OUT of the gas station and found our way to camp.

The rest is a mystery. Chorale Retreat is a very secret and mysterious initiation ceremony that I would love to blog about but must be kept sacred.