Monday, October 25, 2010

My Christmas List

1. Gray's Anatomy: By Henry Gray. 


2. Greek and Latin in Scientific TerminologyEdition 1


3. Leonard Bernstein's: Candide 
(DVD of Carnegie Hall performance featuring Kristin Chenoweth and Sir Thomas Allen)


4. Macbook Cover (Yellow)


5.  Old Navy House Boots/Slippers 


6.  Harry Potter Box Set 


7. Out of Africa Book/Soundtrack/Movie


8. Starbucks Coffee Tea Tumbler and Brewer


9. Ray LaMontagne and the Pariah Dogs CD


10. Money


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wit, Glitter, Earthquakes and Shoulder Pain.

Lots of good things to talk about today. 

1. There was an earthquake this morning. I don't know why I put earthquake in red. Probably just for added intensity. All the twitter and facebook messages about it were quite enjoyable, except from those tweeters and facebook users from California who have legit earthquakes and were mocking us for our excitement. Let us enjoy our earthquake and just cool it, okay Cali's? I mean, we don't go around saying: "Hey, your state is governed by an ex-body building, czech republican movie star and it's currently the worst state to live in economically speaking." Again I messed with the font settings again for clarity and intensity. My apologies. But really, the earthquake was a 4.3. You see, I was asleep on the floor (don't ask) and had just woken up when I hear a deep rumbling noise like an oversized diesel truck outside and then the room began to shake for a good 4-5 seconds. That was how my day began. 
2. Bold again. Did you catch that? Anyway. My shoulder pain: I think amidst the whole sleeping on the floor thing I messed my shoulder up and might have made it worse by carrying around my Chem-is-try book and backpack all afternoon. So all day I have felt like I was having a heart attack and dramatically clutched my shoulder in great pain. 
3. And now for the double edged sword of the day: My dear friend, Katelyn Jackson created a blog today. This is great because she is extremely funny, intelligent and witty. This is also bad because she is extremely funny, intelligent and witty, thus making my blog look lame, boring and without flair. Do yourself a favor and check her blog out:  It is sure to bring some laughs. 
4. Oh, I had a recital hearing today. Passed. By the grace of God. (God should most definitely be bold.) Here is how it went down: I was shacking and already extremely nervous when I check my phone and notice my MOTHER (spoken with attitude) had called and texted me. So I read the text. 
      "Hannah, The MFPD are calling me looking for you,
       what is going on?"
Not exactly the most ideal text message to read mere minutes before walking onstage in front of the entire music department faculty. (Notice that was not put in red or bolded, that is because the music faculty is not intimidating and actually  quite anticlimactic. But I passed. Whatevs. Come to the recital hall next Wednesday at 2:30 and come and listen. 
5. The most exciting part of my day: remember that this Friday night I will be sitting in the balcony of the Oklahoma City Civic Center listening to KRISTEN CHENOWETH and ERIC GRIGG in the most amazing and delightful concert ever. I cannot wait. This will EASILY be the HIGHLIGHT of the entire month. Possible even the semester. 

That's all for now. Go read K-Jack's blog. Also, thank you, Jennifer Whitmiss, for putting up with my hyperbolic and rude personality this week. I love you.